IMG_8842Sharon Kelly is the principal at Writing & Publicity.  She is a seasoned writer, media, communications and marketing professional with over 20 years experience promoting a variety of brands, from sustainability, genetics and nuclear technology to health retreats.

She has a passion for science and technology, plus all things sustainable and recyclable. She wishes to see our planet move into a healthier, cleaner space. Her pet hates are garbage on the street and not put into the correct bins.  Garbage in the sea makes her blood boil and she admires all those working to make this a thing of the past and bring shipping companies to task.

Beginning her career as production manager for leading academic book publishing company (Pinter Publishers) in London, England – where she is from – in Australia her media and communications career has embraced many areas – medical and scientific, not-for-profit, commercial business, corporate, government, health, sustainability and entertainment.

Sharon has a Masters in Media, Technology and Law (Macquarie University 2002) and a Diploma of Business (Frontline Management Swinburne University 2008). For more details visit LinkedIn.


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